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Considered the best in Thailand, this recently developed innovation of light therapy for acne treatment works by eliminating P.Acne bacteria, the foundation of acne and Comedones. This treatment effectively helps reduce inflammation, controls sebum production, and helps manage oily skin. Proved to be more effective than oral and topical medication, acne is reduced within the first session of the therapy.
  • Eliminates P.Acne bacteria, the foundation of acne
  • Controls sebum production
  • Immediate depletion of acne
  • Manages oily skin
From an experiment of treating acne using Light Therapy by exposing Magenta Light onto skin for 15-20 minutes, within 5 weeks, Comedones were reduced by 95% compared to 40-50% in comedolytics and antibiotics (Doxycycline) treatments. Leaving no side effects, light therapy is proved to be remarkably more effective than both oral and topical medication.   

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Why does acne persist?
  • Appearance matters, social opportunities are often provided for individuals with decent looks. Many adolescents and young adults are conscious about their appearances and, more often than not, the concerns of people in this age range are related to “Acne Problems”
Firstly, we should try to understand the cause of acne
  • Acne is caused by sebum clogged in skin pores, which is a result of changes in body hormones or environmental factors such as pollution, dust, cosmetics and some oral medication. Clogged pores can foster the growth of P.acne bacteria, a major cause of acne.
  • Most of the treatments in present day require the use of oral or topical medicine, which might have some side effects on the patient. Moreover, these treatments only solve the problem superficially and leave the underlying cause untreated. The most effective way to cure acne is to confront the underlying cause of clogged pores, that is, slowing down the over active Sebaceous glands and reducing the production of sebum.
Effective acne treatment without side effects
  • There are many different treatments that help reduce sebum production and eliminate P.acne bacteria. However, Light Therapy, using a 415mm and 660mm wavelength, is one of a few that are approved by the FDA. From an experiment of treating acne using Light Therapy, Comedones are reduced by as much as 95% leaving behind no side effects, proving light therapy to be significantly more effective than both oral and topical medication.

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