Facelifting technology for a firmer appearance of skin, Ultherapy is the latest innovation for facelifts that helps reduce wrinkles and provides an ultimate lifting effect. The Ulthera machine releases Focus Ultrasound, an acoustic wave with specific and precise frequency, delivering astounding results within 30-45 minutes after treatment (varies by individuals). The treatment leaves no open wound and does not require recuperation. Patients can put on make-up immediately after the therapy.
  • Facelifting effect for firmer skin
  • Tightens skin around neck, chest and other body areas
  • Anti-flaccid skin
  • Corrects Dermatochalasis
  • Immediate results within 30 minutes (*varies by individuals)
  • Lifting effect on sagging under-eye skin
  • Leaves no open wound and requires no recuperation
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Can put on make-up after treatment
Ulthera is an astonishing laser innovation for effective facelifting and V-shape sculpting. The result of the treatment is believed to be as effective as facelift surgery. The treatment employs Advance-Focused Ultrasound technology in the emission of acoustic energy to the targeted areas of the SMAS skin layer, the layer where facelift surgery is done, to stimulate collagen production for an anti-flaccid effect and lifted youthful skin without the need of operation or recuperation. The result lasts 1-2 years and safety of the treatment is approved by U.S. FDA. Ulthera is an innovation for those looking for the most effective facelifting and v-shape sculpting treatment
  • Anti-flaccid, facelift effects
  • Browlifting and eyes lifting
  • V-shape face
  • Smoothens skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Face sculpting
  • Non-invasive process
One-time only treatment with long lasting effect of 1-2 years. Recuperation is not required. How Ulthera works? Ulthera employs high frequency acoustic energy that vibrates skin tissues to generate 65-75 degrees Celsius of heat. As a result, cells that produce collagen and elastin called Fibroblast cells are stimulated. The increase of collagen results in anti-flaccid and anti-age effects for youthful renewed skin. Principle of Ulthera Ultherapy is based on the focused ultrasonic wave exposure of the SMAS. When the acoustic energy reaches the skin surface, it transforms into heat energy and travels to the SMAS layer, the layer which other technology besides surgery cannot access. This spot heating enables muscular contractions about 1mm in size. The distance between each spot is about 1-1.5 mm, providing results close to that of SMAS thread lifting. Ulthera offers reliable effects at the required skin depth by stimulating tissue regeneration in the SMAS layer, and aids collagen fibers lifting both vertically and horizontally. As a result, the skin appears naturally firm, lifted and velvety smooth. Expected results from Ulthera
  • Brow lines lifting, results in bigger eyes for a youthful appearance
  • Smaller pores with a naturally lifted, smoothened skin around facial and neck area
  • One time treatment that provides satisfying results within 3-6 months
Safety and Effectiveness Ultherapy is approved by U.S. FDA, as well as widely and internationally guaranteed by dermatologists and surgeons as a highly safe and effective tissue lifting innovation. Post Ulthera Treatment Some patients might experience minor redness on skin that will disappear within 1 hour after treatment, after which patients can continue their daily life. Ulthera is suitable for
  • Individuals with flaccid skin condition
  • Individuals who require facial sculpting and skin smoothening
  • Individuals with droopy brow lines and droopy eyes
  • Individuals who require skin rejuvenation for a youtful and resilient skin
  • Individuals who want to have firm smooth skin with smaller pores
Ulthera, the culmination of face lifting and face sculpting technology After years of successful research and development of Ultrasound technology by Dr. Rox Anderson, an acclaimed dermatologist and the director of Wellman Center for Photomedicine in Boston Massachusetts in the USA, the institute continued their development since 1994 and the first Focused Ultrasound machine was invented under the name Ulthera for the purpose of facelifting and face sculpting therapy. Ulthera is a laser treatment using Ultherapy machine. With the selective acoustic energy delivery system, the Focused Ultrasound is transmitted into the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), the skin layer in which facelift surgery operates. The energy is evenly distributed to each specific spot with a 1-1.5 mm distance between each spot. This minute scale of transmitted acoustic energy will transform into heat energy and travel to the SMAS layer. The selective spot heating will enable muscular contractions, providing a result close to that of facelift surgery. Ulthera stimulates tissue regeneration in the SMAS layer, and aids lifting of collagen fibers both vertically and horizontally. As a result, the skin appears naturally firm, lifted and velvety smooth. Highly Effective with Ultimate Result One of the most outstanding features that makes Ulthera a personalized experience is the SEE and TREAT program which provides a Real Time Monitoring System, allowing dermatologists to monitor the treated skin layers and adjust the acoustic energy level to particular skin conditions. For this reason, Ulthera is a highly accurate and safe treatment with greater results. Experience During Treatment Depending on the area of treatment, each session of treatment takes approximately 30-90 minutes. While being treated, patients will feel a warm sensation underneath the skin, which signifies the transmission of energy to SMAS and stimulation of collagen synthesis. After the therapy, patients can continue their daily life without recuperation period required. Ulthera Treatment Result
  • Immediate results, after the treatment droopy eye brows and droopy eyes are corrected with a more pronounced facial contour
  • The improvement is gradually visible as collagen continues to be synthesized
  • Within 3 months, skin will be perfectly regenerated with collagen remodelling process. The effect lasts 1-2 years
  • From an experiment, 9 out of 10 patients experienced significant improvement in the lifting of brow lines, results in bigger eyes,youthful appearance, as well as lifted skin, contoured face, smaller pores and smoother facial and neck skin without surgery


*The effectiveness of treatment varies in individuals*

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