ULTHERA LIPO LIFT Exclusively provided at Tanaporn Clinic, this treatment combines Acculift and Ulthera together for supreme effectiveness in assisting individuals with flaccid skin condition which requires facelifting and face sculpting.
First Innovation: Acculift operates by emitting a laser light at 1,440 nm wavelength, which is the wavelength that can absorb energy released by Adipocytes and water more effectively compared to other wavelengths, to stimulate the selective Lipolysis process. In the treatment, a small cable (less than 1 mm diameter) will be inserted into the skin (areas that require treatment such as face or neck). The laser energy will be emitted gently to diffuse Adipocytes and the heat generated in the process will help stimulate collagen production in the skin. As a result, skin will appear lifted and smooth. Ulthera is done 2-4 weeks after this treatment. Second Innovation: Ulthera works by emitting selective acoustic energy on to the skin which later transforms into small spots of heat energy and travels to the SMAS layer, the layer which other technology besides surgery cannot access. This selective spot heating enables muscular contractions about 1 mm in size. The distance between each spot is about 1-1.5 mm from each other. Ulthera offers a reliable effect at the required skin depth by stimulating tissue regeneration in the SMAS layer, aids collagen fibers lifting both vertically and horizontally. As a result, the skin appears naturally firm, lifted and velvety smooth. Depending on the area of treatment, each session of treatment takes approximately 30-90 minutes. Providing immediate result, Ulthera does not require recuperation and patients can continue their daily life after the treatment. Results last up to 5 years. ULTHERA LIPO LIFT
  • Skin lifting
  • Smoothens skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Face sculping and V-shape face
  • Immediate results without wounds or recuperation
  • Effects last up to 5 years

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