• Removes excess fat
  • Dissolves cellulites and corrects pitted skin with Tri-polar innovation
  • Slim and fit body
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
Tri-Polar, an Innovation for Face and Body Lift and Cellulite Dissolution
Innovation for facelifting and wrinkles removal for a smooth, youthful and natural complexion, as well as for body lifting, cellulite dissolution and pitted skin correction for a fit and slim body.

Tri-Polar combines Uni-Polar and Bi-Polar technology for a more effective treatment that can stimulate double deep layers of the Dermis and Subcutaneous skin cells. In the treatment, Radio Frequency (RF) is employed in transmitting electromagnetic radiation (radio wave) to the skin to stimulate cells and collagen realignment, which aid skin reinforcement and increase resilience of the skin, resulting in a lifted, firm flawless skin. The treatment effectively aids in removal of both shallow and deep wrinkles, gaps and crow’s feet, particularly deep crow’s feet which are complicated to treat. Skin appears naturally lifted and younger than ever after the treatment. Heat from the treatment is utilized to dissolve cellulites, increase the metabolism rate and stimulate shrinkage of fat. As a result, the skin appears firmer and pitted scars appear less visible. Results from surveys indicate that almost 100% of patients were highly satisfied with the outcome.

Tri-Polar Treatment
  • Immediate results after the first treatment
  • This technique leaves minimum side effects compared to facelift surgery
  • Sustainable outcomes with repeatable treatment
This technique helps lift skin and reduce wrinkles significantly. Within the first treatment, patients can immediately notice changes in appearance of skin to be more firm and plump while pores are minimized, and wrinkles and scars are remarkably reduced. It is recommended that the treatment is repeated weekly for 6 weeks and monthly for 3 months for a more astounding result.

Body lift
Cellulite dissolution and skin lifting, and correcting pitted skin condition for smoother skin with immediate results after the first session. The treatment should be done weekly for 8 weeks and monthly for 3 months for a more astounding result.


*The effectiveness of treatment varies in individuals*

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