Fat burning massage which combines the use of BODY LIPOLYSIS MASSAGE GEL, a gel packed with natural extracts including chili and pepper extract and caffeine complex, with radio wave emission technology to diffuse fat and stimulate collagen alignment.
  • Accelerates metabolism of excess fat
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Slim and fit body
  • Cellulite massage using radio wave
Excess fat is one problem that seems like the end of the world for every women. Your confidence is hurt when the night dress that you used to wear cannot be worn anymore because of excess fat. Your anxiety rises to the peak when your friends ask if you have gained weight. You will try every method for weight loss, whether it is following a diet plan or signing up to a weight loss course. Some women spend huge amounts of money on this but still their overweight problem persists. TANAPORN CLINIC is proud to present our signature treatment which can assist you in achieving an ideal slim and fit body within a short period of time without any side-effects: Slim Fast & Body Firm Program. The program consists of Fat Burning Massage, a therapy which combines the use of Body Lipolysis Massage Gel, a gel packed with natural extracts including chili and pepper extract and caffeine complex, with Tripolar, an innovation that employs radio wave in removal of excess fat by stimulating fat dissolution and collagen realignment for more fit and firm skin. With exclusive medical ingredients called Lipo Selective Solution, yourfat metabolism will increase and excess fat in targeted areas will be effectively eliminated. Complex L-Carnitine Plus A unique Fat Burning Massage provided exclusively by Tanaporn Clinic combines the use of Body Lipolysis Massage Gel, an extraordinary light, non-sticky and easy to absorb gel from Tanaporn Clinic, packed with natural extracts including chili and pepper extract and caffeine complex. This gel helps increase the metabolism of fat and effectively prevents storing of fat in body, as well as stimulates blood circulation for healthy skin. After the massage, the treated areas will be wrapped with cloth for about 30 minutes to encourage absorption of the valuable ingredients. Tripolar Innovation combines Uni-Polar and Bi-Polar technology for a more effective treatment that can stimulate double deep layers of the Dermis and Subcutaneous skin cells. In the treatment, Radio Frequency (RF) is employed in cell stimulation and cellulite dissolution by storing heat in the Dermis and Subcutaneous skin layers. This will help to increase the metabolism of fat and expels fat through body fluid and the lymphatic system. As Adipocytes shrink, the body will appear slimmer, while heat stored in the Dermis layer will help stimulate collagen production in fibroblast and assist in collagen realignment, resulting in a stronger and resilient skin, even after the very first treatment. For a more effective result, after the hand massage and Tripolar massage with our exclusive gel, therapists will inject the very unique Lipo Selective Solution Complex L-Carnitine Plus to aid the metabolism of excess fat and selectively dissolve fat in specific areas. L-Carnitine is an Amino Acid found in the liver, which helps to transfer small fat molecules to cells before being transformed into energy. Part of the causes of excess fat comes from a deficiency of Carnitine in the body. L-Carnitine plays a significant role in weight loss and prevention of fat storage, and thus tends to be a solution for individuals who want to lose weight with natural substances. From an experiment analyzing Adipose tissues of overweight individuals, it revealed that there was a very small amount of Carnitine in the tissues. This leads to the assumption that Carnitine might be the key substance in increasing the metabolism of fat in individuals with fat transfer mechanism problems. Lipo Selective Solution Complex – In the treatment, Lipo Selective Solution Complex, a combination of nut extracts, vitamin complex and exclusive medical ingredients for fat diffusion from Tanaporn Clinic, is injected into the Subcutaneous layer of skin employing Lipodissolve Technique, which aids selective fat dissolution in small concerned areas such as belly, forearms, hip, back, under chin, cheeks, under eyes or any desired area. The result is visible after 1-3 weeks.

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